PCC Sports Hall of Fame

Induction Year Name Years Played Sports
1961, Member of Court of Champions Jackie Robinson full bio Jackie Robinson 1937-1938 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field
1961, Member of Court of Champions Mack Robinson full bio Mack Robinson 1936-1937 Track and Field
  Darrell Evans full bio Darrell Evans 1966-1967 Baseball, Basketball
2001 Michael Cooper full bio Michael Cooper 1974-1976 Basketball
2013, Member of Court of Champions Jerry Tarkanian full bio Jerry Tarkanian 1966-1968 Head Men's Basketball Coach
2013 John Siman full bio John Siman 1971 Water Polo
2011 Chris Zboril full bio Chris Zboril 1992-1994 Softball, Basketball
2005 Mike Lansford full bio Mike Lansford 1976-1977 Football
2002 Anthony Miller full bio Anthony Miller 1984-1986 Football, Track and Field
2013 Dionne Pounds full bio Dionne Pounds 2003-2005 Basketball
2000, Member of Court of Champions Charles Paddock full bio Charles Paddock 1915-1918 Track and Field
2001 Babe Horrell full bio Babe Horrell 1919-1921 Football
2000, Member of Court of Champions Elizabeth Jensen full bio Elizabeth Jensen 1920-1957 Athletic Director
2001 MayBelle Reichardt full bio MayBelle Reichardt 1921-1925 Track and Field
2000, Member of Court of Champions Carol Fletcher full bio Carol Fletcher 1922-1924 Diving
1964 Eddie Milum full bio Eddie Milum 1924-1927 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field,
1964 Harold Novis full bio Harold Novis 1925 Football, Swimming
1961 Nor Jaqua full bio Nor Jaqua 1925-1927 Football, Baseball
1963 Sam Addis full bio Sam Addis 1926-1927 Football, Track and Field
1961 Frank Arnold full bio Frank Arnold 1926-1928 Football, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball
1961, Member of Court of Champions Slick Stocks full bio Slick Stocks 1926-1929 Football, Basketball, Track/Field, Baseball, Tennis, Golf
1966 Mel Caines full bio Mel Caines 1927-1928 Track and Field
2000, Member of Court of Champions Ellsworth Vines full bio Ellsworth Vines 1927-1929 Tennis, Basketball
2000, Member of Court of Champions John Thurman full bio John Thurman 1928-1965 Head Baseball Coach/Athletic Director
1963 John Seixas full bio John Seixas 1929-1930 Football, Basketball
2001 Mannie Pineda full bio Mannie Pineda 1929-1932 Boxing
1963 Stan Riordan full bio Stan Riordan 1932-1933 Football, Basketball
1965 Vincent Fite full bio Vincent Fite 1932-1933 Baseball, Basketball
1961 Grenny Lansdell full bio Grenny Lansdell 1936 Football
1962 Tommy O'Laughlin full bio Tommy O'Laughlin 1936-1937 Football, Baseball
1961 Bill Busik full bio Bill Busik 1936-1937 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field
2000, Member of Court of Champions Tom Mallory full bio Tom Mallory 1937-1948 Head Football Coach
1962, Member of Court of Champions Ray Bartlett full bio Ray Bartlett 1937-1939 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field
1962 Bobby Madrid full bio Bobby Madrid 1937-1939 Track and Field, Boxing
1961 Clem Tomerlin full bio Clem Tomerlin 1937-1939 Football, Baseball, Basketball
1962 Les O'Gara full bio Les O'Gara 1937-1939 Basketball
1962 Dave Freeman full bio Dave Freeman 1938 Tennis
1964 Gerald Shook full bio Gerald Shook 1940-1942 Track and Field
1961, Member of Court of Champions Irv Noren full bio Irv Noren 1942-1943 Baseball, Basketball
2001 Dick Williams full bio Dick Williams 1946-1947 Baseball, Football, Basketball
2001 Tom Hamilton full bio Tom Hamilton 1947-1948 Football, Baseball
2002 Harry Hugasian full bio Harry Hugasian 1947-1948 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field
1961 Bob Johnson full bio Bob Johnson 1948 Baseball
1966 Hugh Stewart full bio Hugh Stewart 1948-1949 Tennis
1963 Bill Davis full bio Bill Davis 1948-1949 Football, Baseball
1961 Bob Lillis full bio Bob Lillis 1949 Baseball
2005 Lee Walls full bio Lee Walls 1950-1951 Baseball, Basketball
2013 Addison Hawthorne full bio Addison Hawthorne 1950-1951 Football
1964 Mickey Bevilacqua full bio Mickey Bevilacqua 1951-1952 Football, Baseball
2001 Al Napoleon full bio Al Napoleon 1951-1952 Football
2013 Larry Ross full bio Larry Ross 1952-1954 Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Boxing
2000, Member of Court of Champions Carol Spanks full bio Carol Spanks 1954-1956 Softball, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton
2000, Member of Court of Champions Jerry Todd full bio Jerry Todd 1954-1990 Head Gymnastics Coach
2002 Bobby Poynter full bio Bobby Poynter 1955-1957 Track and Field
2016 Clark Branson full bio Clark Branson 1957 Track and Field
2002 Jim Fairchild full bio Jim Fairchild 1958-1959 Gymnastics
2001 Bobby Lynn full bio Bobby Lynn 1959 Gymnastics
2013 Bill Wolf full bio Bill Wolf 1961-1962 Gymnastics
2016 Ron Robinson full bio Ron Robinson 1961-1974 Head Baseball Coach
1965 Dave Morris full bio Dave Morris 1961-1962 Track and Field
2002 Dick Railsback full bio Dick Railsback 1965-1966 Track and Field
2002 Skip Robinson full bio Skip Robinson 1966 Football/Head Track and Field Coach/Athletic Director
2002 John Q. Trapp full bio John Q. Trapp 1966-1967 Basketball
2011 Curtis Seagrove full bio Curtis Seagrove 1966 Football
2002 Sam Robinson full bio Sam Robinson 1966-1968 Basketball
2011 George Greenfield full bio George Greenfield 1967 Gymnastics
2013 George Trapp full bio George Trapp 1967-1969 Basketball
2002 Jesse Gomez full bio Jesse Gomez 1967-1969 Cross Country, Track and Field
2006, Member of Court of Champions Ron Ballatore full bio Ron Ballatore 1967-1978 Head Men's Swimming Coach
2016 Harvey Hyde full bio Harvey Hyde 1968-69/1979-1981 Head Football Coach
2006, Member of Court of Champions Geralyn Shepard full bio Geralyn Shepard 1968-1990 Head Women's Tennis Coach
2002 Jack Tingley full bio Jack Tingley 1971-1972 Swimming, Water Polo
2002 Lori Jepsen full bio Lori Jepsen 1973-1975 Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Co-Ed Volleyball
2013 Grant Niederhaus full bio Grant Niederhaus 1974-1975 Track and Field
2011 Glen Aikin full bio Glen Aikin 1976-1978 Swimming
2011 Eric Marks full bio Eric Marks 1976-1978 Swimming
2001 Jim Wilks full bio Jim Wilks 1977 Football
2016 Matt Young full bio Matt Young 1977-1978 Baseball
2011 Kenny Hays full bio Kenny Hays 1977-1978 Track and Field
2016 Reggie Brown full bio Reggie Brown 1978-1979 Football
2013 Anna Marie Bernstein full bio Anna Marie Bernstein 1981 Tennis
2013 Michael Turner full bio Michael Turner 1982 Track and Field
2005 Eric Thomas full bio Eric Thomas 1983-1984 Football, Track and Field
2016 Juan Tobin full bio Juan Tobin 1987-1988 Track and Field
2011 Kim Maxwell full bio Kim Maxwell 1991-1992 Softball
2016 Mary Morgan full bio Mary Morgan 1994-1996 Swimming, Volleyball
2005 Sarah Goodlaw full bio Sarah Goodlaw 1994-1996 Track and Field, Volleyball
2016 Gina Punaro full bio Gina Punaro 1995-1996 Softball, Volleyball
2005 Phil Gonzalez full bio Phil Gonzalez 1996-1997 Cross Country, Track and Field
2011 Tiana Sanders full bio Tiana Sanders 1998-1999 Women's Basketball
2013 Jennifer Fish full bio Jennifer Fish 1998-2000 Soccer, Softball
2013 Nathan Chandler full bio Nathan Chandler 2000-2001 Football
2011 Jonathan Smith full bio Jonathan Smith 2001 Football
2011 Jerome Harrison full bio Jerome Harrison 2002-2003 Football